You can use Dragon Ravine, Foolish Burial or Dragon Shrine to take advantage of this effect. ". Trading Cards Legendary Decks II, Gold, YU-GI-OH! Trading Cards Dragon of Legend Complete Series Deck, Multicolor (083717850663), Yu-Gi-Oh! Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Kidmodo Dragon. An awesome way to special summon Dragons from the grave is to use Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon since it gives you a free special summon of any dragon chilling in your hand or graveyard, no matter how high of a level it is. If you do manage to play some good Dragons, the opponent might play Prehistoric Biological Graveyard, and that will wreck almost any kind of Dragon based deck. For instance, you can build your Deck centered around Fire, Bug, or Dragon Type, Archetype, or focus your entire Deck around an extremely powerful card; the possibilities are endless in … For Yu-Gi-Oh! and Level Modulation are usually used to override this problem, but Counter Trap Cards like Solemn Judgment or Dark Bribe can impede your progress. Yu-Gi-Oh! A counter measure for this OTK against Mirror Force or Torrential Tribute and the like would be to discard some Red-Eyes Wyverns (either by the effect of Future Fusion, the effect of Arms Hole, the cost of DDR, or through cards like Foolish Burial) to special summon the Darkness Metal Dragons at the end phase (as none of the above steps involved a Normal Summon or Set). With this, you can gain control of your dragons again and use them to get rid of Victoria. Some dragon decks are based on the LV dragons, Armed Dragon and Horus the Black Flame Dragon. A list of Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. 1 4 SR. Genex Ally Powercell. Card effects that do not target like Judgment Dragon or Mirror Force cannot be negated with King Dragun and would therefore require a Prime Material Dragon, Light and Darkness Dragon or Stardust Dragon to stop them. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Collectible Trading Card Albums, Cases & Sleeves, Assorted Yugioh Cards with Foil & Ultra Rares, Yu-Gi-Oh! Many Dragon decks also incorporate the use of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Red-Eyes Wyvern. It only comes with 1 Blue Eyes and no Ultimate Blue Eyes. 11887 Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck, Multi Konami KON345887 Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck Yu-Gi-Oh! Prime Material Dragon is another extremely useful dragon which prevents your opponent from destroying your cards by card effect, and it stops the use of effect damage. The new ban list has recently come out and LCS 9 has concluded with Virtual World being the winner. - Blue-Eyes White Dragon (SDBE-EN001) - Structure Deck: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Unlimited Edition - Ultra Rare, YU-GI-OH! YuGiOh Trading Card Game Yugi Reloaded Starter Deck [Unlimited Edition] $44.99 One of his real best monsters is Jinzo, a 6-star monster with the same attack points as Red-Eyes that has the unique ability to disable the use of all trap cards by both players. Lastly, use Dark Armed Dragon to remove any possible threat (leaving high-ATK dragons in your graveyard as much as possible) and attack for over 8000 damage. 0 2k Shortlink: Use this deck with Seto Kaiba and the Beatdown skill. Dragon Manipulator and Dragon Seeker can be tricky to deal with, but can be easily overcome with King Dragun. Trading Card Game- Yugioh Legendary Dragon Decks Box Very few monsters are as popular and instantly recognizable as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Shop by category. Montage Dragon also has the ability to become a powerhouse monster if you discard high-level dragons from your hand, sometimes becoming even stronger than Five-Headed Dragon which is overpowered. Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Chalice - LEHD-ENB16 - Common Card - 1st Edition. decks. - Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon (LDK2-ENJ41) - Legendary Decks II - 1st Edition - Ultra Rare, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game- Yugioh Legendary Dragon Decks Box, Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba was particularly petty after his first big loss. 5. Go to your local comic store, buy yourself a starter deck, and see where things go from there. Infernity Dragon. This could be an OTK deck because you can start calling out FHD. Since Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 cannot be special summoned except with it's own effect, cards like Level Up! THUNDER DRAGON DECK PROFILE MAY 2020 - Duration: 18:25. 41-card Main Deck and 10-card Extra Deck based on Yuya Sakaki 's " Odd-Eyes " theme, as well as the other members of the Four Dimension Dragons. FHD is pretty cheap because you can just use future fusion then dragon mirror. Legacy of the Duelist on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Build me a dragon deck. Valon is ready to take on the world and fight... for the heart of Mai? Cyber Dragon. eBay. ARC-Vs Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon sparked a series of Dragons that covered the entire spectrum of Extra Deck monster types, and threw in a Ritual Monster for good measure. While Red-Eyes Black Dragon is Joey's boss monster, it isn't the best one in his deck. Trading Cards Dragon of Legend Complete Series Deck, Multicolor (083717850663) Brand: Yu-Gi-Oh! Third, used DDR to special summon the other Darkness Metal from the RFG zone (it would be best to discard a DARK Type monster for DDR's cost). Free postage. Not only is it a two-on-one handicap match, but Valon’s armor monsters have zero attack points! Yu-Gi-Oh! Varis primarily uses a " rokket " Deck, which includes other Dragon monsters, and all of his ace monsters are based on Dragons, though only one, " Borreload Dragon ", is a Dragon. Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck. Unlimited. Here are some cards that can be used in Dragon Decks. Main Deck. This deck also includes Mausoleum of the Emperor to get tribute monsters out quickly. Some of the most common decks focus on a single monster such as the Red-Eyes B. Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Five-headed Dragon, King Dragun, Armed Dragon, or Horus the Black Flame Dragon. This is the most recent deck I could find. Horus and Armed Dragon cards can even be combined to make a deck that not only locks down spell and trap cards but also controls the opponent's monsters that may get in your way. Felgrand Dragon, Tyrant Dragon, and Darkblaze Dragon are good examples of this. Traging Card Game’s many dragons! Extra Deck: 15 2 Scrap Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 2 T.G. Cards - Yugi Legendary Decks 1 | Genuine Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! However, there are ways of getting around Anti-Dragon cards. - Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon - DUPO-EN105 - Ultra Rare - Limited Edition - Duel Power. Yu-Gi-Oh: JUDGE MAN - LCKC-EN004 - Ultra Rare Card - 1st Edition. £0.99. 9.2. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Hi people from all the World, today is Exodia Day, yeah, I’m here with an Exodia Dragon Deck, it is one of the best for me.I’m doing this because today I was missing my Duelist Life in Cuba (yeah I’m from Cuba), when I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh I was 17th, now almost 23 years old. Their primary methods for Synchro Summoning are… Thunder Dragons Deck Profile: Yu-Gi-Oh Eternity Code Has Given This Deck A Much Needed POWER BOOST ... Yu-Gi-Oh! 40-card Main Deck and 11-card Extra Deck based on Zane Truesdale 's " Cyber Dragon " theme. This structure deck can also be bought to get key cards for any kind of Dragon Deck. Montage Dragon can also be used to potentially become more powerful than Dark Paladin or Buster Blader by discarding high level monsters like Blue-Eyes White dragon or Tyrant Dragon. If this card is sent to the Graveyard: Banish 1 Level 7 or higher LIGHT or DARK Dragon-Type monster from your Deck. Cards Legendary Collection Kaiba Box, Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Dragon Deck constructed deck list and prices for the YuGiOh TCG TCG "Speed Duel: Battle City" Box Comes With Eight Iconic Character Decks: Featuring secret rare Egyptian God Cards – Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon … Since most dragons have ATK points that can overpower popular cards like Goyo Guardian, Thought Ruler Archfiend, Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon, and even Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, the only way to bring down a sizeable dragon is to use effects. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Joey Wheeler's Complete Red-Eyes Black Dragon Fusion Deck, Yu-Gi-Oh! : 10 Things About The Anime That Don't Make Sense While Yugi and Joey are both great duelists, they have very different decks and dueling strategies. - Different Dimension Reincarnation. Synchro Monsters like Stardust Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend and Tuner Monsters like Magna Drago, The White Stone of Legend, and in some cases, Debris Dragon are also great choices for Synchro Summons if you can't Fusion Summon. Roa Kirishima in Yu-Gi-Oh! Insanely powerful, Ultimaya Tzolkin is arguably the strongest Dragon monster in … Plus, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 has only 1 ATK points, leaving it vulnerable to monsters like Goyo Guardian or any of the Monarchs. VIRUS CARDS. Cards Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck, Yugioh Structure Deck: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Sealed, Yu-Gi-Oh! Heavy Mech Support Armor. To protect your monsters from spell and trap effects, cards like Stamping Destruction and A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon (Which you can also combo with Montage Dragon for monsters to Discard) can help make sure that nasty traps and spells like Shrink and Dimensional Prison won't get in your way. eBay. are Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler.Yugi is the King of Games, the best duelist of all time, and Joey is one of the few people in the world that has actually beaten him.Not bad! This type of build is usually expensive, but also very powerful because of the multiple OTK strategies. The goal of this Deck is to Special Summon Dark Monsters by the effects of "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" or "The Dark Creator". Each Legendary Dragon Decks set contains 153 cards: Two 40-card Decks with 11-card Extra Decks; One 41-card Deck with a 10-card Extra Deck. Shop by category ... Yu-Gi-Oh Leviair the Sea Dragon - LEHD-ENC38 - Common Card - 1st Edition. Another way of playing high-level Dragons without tributing is to use Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, which special summons virtually any kind of Dragon monster you want to dish out against the opponent. Draining Shield and Rainbow Life can be used to recover life points used for Mausoleum of the Emperor and Trade-In can be used to put powerful dragons into the graveyard to revive while drawing two cards in the process. You can probably guess as to what it does, which is build up on high level dragon monsters while scaring the opponent away from attacking. First, Activate Future Fusion to send at least 2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Dark Horus (or any other dragon-type DARK monster to the graveyard). As Water Dragon itself is hard to summon, due to requiring the tribute of 3 specific monsters on the field for Bonding - H2O, it's often overlooked in favor of something more readily accessible. Horus the Black Flame Dragon has added protection from Spell Cards and is well known for the infamous "Horus Decree" lockdown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ultimaya Tzolkin. This is the most recent deck I could find. Summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon or union parts, protect and search for the union monsters and quickly beatdown your opponent. Since it kills anything that destroys it in battle, it can overpower cards like Buster Blader and even Dark Paladin, while at the same time taking no battle damage. Using popular decks, but customizing them to fit my playing style. Released quite a while ago now in the Soul of the Duelist set, 14 years ago to be exact, the … A Water Deck could be one of the most supported deck types in Yu-Gi-Oh!. The best way to make this deck truly effective is to buy multiple structure decks and combine the more important cards into one deck. Dragons are one of the most supported types in Yu-Gi-Oh. From a competitive standpoint, it’s hard to rely on Yugi’s deck to win. 3 4 R. and it's a two tribute creature. The game of Yu-Gi-Oh has had many different metas, decks, and cards that have shaped the game's history.The game is over twenty years old and shows no signs of stopping. You may also use the Armed Dragon cards to destroy Dragon Seeker since it has relatively weak ATK points, and Armed Dragon LV10 can just wipe out all your opponents face-up monsters no matter how many ATK points they possess. Horus. Yu-Gi-Oh! If Buster Blader was equipped with that plus Mist Body, it could take out virtually any dragon you throw at it, even the mighty Five-Headed Dragon who normally can't be destroyed in battle by anything not of the LIGHT Attribute. The Dragon lockdown Deck is a dragon deck that focuses on using strong monsters, that also prevent your opponent from doing anything besides attacking. Several Xyz monsters that support dragons are Queen Dragun Djinn, Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon, and Dragluon. Third, special summon Dark Armed Dragon as there are now three DARK monsters. Here are some different types of decks based around Dragon Monsters. Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror is used against a Hopeless Dragon Deck to negate the effects of the majority of DARK monsters, but it is not a major problem if you use your monsters correctly (Activate the effect of either Dark Armed Dragon or Dark Creator to remove Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from play, and special summon it using D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation (or as an extension, Arms Hole), High-ATK DARK Dragons, preferably Dark Horus because of its 3000 ATK, DNA Surgery (Use with Five-Headed Dragon and Super Polymerization), D.D.R. Action Figures, Yu-Gi-Oh! If you do not have any of those monsters out, Dragonic Knight can special summon himself from your hand if the opponent tries to destroy your monsters with monster card effects. This type of deck is pretty old fashioned, but it has more variations than any of the other three decks. This is my third best deck, second only to one my brother and I made together and Marik's structure deck, which I kept almost entirely intact. 0 2k Shortlink: Use this deck with Seto Kaiba and the Beatdown skill. 50% chance of a hand with powerful cards. 2016 Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Decks II LDK2ENK15 Tiger Dragon C: $1.88. Roa Kirishima in Yu-Gi-Oh! It has its advantages: a massive beatstick, able to be protected (lord of d), easily summoned (paladin of white dragon, birthright, foolish burial + monster reborn / the creator), and able to become blue eyes ultimate dragon, with 4500 massive attack points. If its sent to the graveyard, you get a free Dragon special summon from your hand. Shop with confidence on eBay! 40-card Main Deck and 11-card Extra Deck based on the " Legendary Dragon " archetype and their Fusion Monsters. 1 4 SR. Genex Ally Powercell. - Seto Kaiba's Complete Legendary Dragon Fang of Critias Deck, Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Yu-Gi-Oh! In Dragon Fusion Decks, it's highly important to be able to keep King Dragun on the field to be able to summon the bigger dragons, but it's 0 ATK is low enough for any Monarch to destroy in battle. Trading Cards, Shooting Star Dragon Individual Yu-Gi-Oh! Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Yugioh Dragon Deck. It wasn’t enough that he had … The best right now would probably be Blue-Eyes, but it is slowly falling out of relevance due it’s reliance on the grave in a format where Toad HEROs are meta. Many Dragon-Types are level 8 and Rank 8 Xyz monsters are very good, so consider building your deck around them. These types of decks often focus on getting fusion monsters like Five-Headed Dragon, King Dragun, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and sometimes even Dragon Master Knight to the field. - Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck [Sealed Deck], Yugioh Structure Deck Dragons Collide SDDC Sealed, Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar Dragon's Roar Structure Deck [1st Edition] [Sealed Deck] (Konami), Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 3 UR. Trends come and go in Yugioh’s ever-evolving metagame. 2 3 UR. and Dark Magician 50 Card Lot! Buster Blader is a deck that combines both of these. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: Special Summon as many of your banished LIGHT Machine-Type monsters as possible, and if … Unlimited. £0.99. Yugioh. Blackwing Deck (by Fandom User, Spellcaster/Elemental Hero Deck (by KiraXFlay), Lightsworn Deck (by Fandom User, Blackwing/Dragunity Deck (by Fandom User, Zombie Restrictor Deck (by AaronEads2009), Zombie Wicked Gods (by Fandom User, Hieratic Deck 2 (by Fandom User,, D.D.R. Custom Designed and Tournament Ready Yugioh Deck, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon - MYFI-EN044 - Super Rare - 1st Edition, Yu-Gi-Oh! This deck focuses on summoning powerful dragons to the field from the graveyard and activating their effects. Legendary Collection 1 Box Gameboard Edition, Yu-Gi-Oh! ". Find cards that will boost any WATER deck such as Warrior of Atlantis, a versatile card you could … Sealed Starter Decks, Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Link is an engine deck that utilizes cards such as Striker Dragon to set up effects like Guardragon Elpy. They are really powerful because of the five-headed dragon. Trading Card Game Dragon's Collide Structure Deck, Yugioh TCG Trading Card Game Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck - 42 cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Fusion Summon 1 Dragon-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or your side of the field as Fusion Materials. Breakdown []. Right, Blue eyes white dragon is the most common type of dragon deck avaliable and used. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links: 5 Best Skills In The Game (& 5 Of The Worst) The same goes for Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion if you're short on Blue-Eyes White Dragon or any fusion spell cards. Wonder Magician 1 Naturia Beast 1 Naturia Barkion 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Colossal Fighter 2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.
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